Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who Is Charleston Thug Life?

We must admit, it has been fun to watch the Lowcountry criminal element get all spun up about Charleston Thug Life. The gnashing of teeth and flailing about trying to figure out who is behind the blog has given us many moments of hilarity over the past seven-and-a-half months as we watched the hit counter climb above 1.4 million unique hits.

So, who exactly IS the driving force behind CTL? Most of you know we started out with a core group of citizens who were frustrated by the lack of honesty on the part of our local media and the apparent ineptitude of our prosecutors and judges when it came to prosecuting and incarcerating the criminal element. The thugs had free reign all over the tri-county area and the South Carolina prison system. They are still running around displaying their contempt for the solicitors and judges they deal with on a regular basis, but now there is a modicum of fear.

CTL has evolved from that core group of average Joe's and Jane's to a much larger task force on violent crime. Here is a short list which describes the army of people from whom Charleston Thug Life obtains information. And we should mention - we don't seek them out - they contact us.

Law abiding citizens (Good leads and research help from this group)

Residents of the neighborhoods terrorized by thugs (good info from this group)

Baby mommas who have been mistreated or cheated on by thugs (Great info from this group)

Girlfriends of thugs who have been mistreated or cheated on (Great info from this group)

Boyfriends (read: gay/bisexual lovers) of thugs who have been mistreated or cheated on by those thugs (Superb info from this group). You would be surprised how many of the "hard core gangstas" in these pages have smoked a pole. Apparently, having "bi" tendencies is rather popular among the urban youth of today. Probably explains why South Carolina continues to have high rates of STD and HIV infections.

Parents of thugs who hope that exposing them will alter their child's path on the road to thugdom (Good leads from this group)

Thugs - yep - actual thugs who have been beaten up, shot at, robbed, etc. by fellow thugs. A few have even been featured on CTL prior to helping us out (Great info from this group)

The movement is growing, folks. It's turning into a feeding frenzy in the thug world. Jump on board the train and help us run these terrorists out of town or put them behind bars.

The Charleston Thug Life Team


  1. Folks in other cities have reached out to us about starting their own site. Unfortunately, once they see just how much work it is and how much time it takes up we don't hear anything else.

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