Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thug Update

We like to revisit some of the folks featured here. From time to time we pop in and see what is happening with them.

"Derrick Lildevilbadazzygz Givens" from the Chicora-Cherokee area doesn't have too many kind things to say about us, even after we helped him save money on his advertising budget.

Watch out Pepperhill, he's in your hood.

Word is Derrick was locked up around the first of April. We can't find any information to verify that, but we do have the posts about it. We also have a screen shot of his arrest last year.

It sounds like there is some bad blood between Derrick and "Devonte Lilfresh Stafford". Derrick is threatening to kill Devonte and one his buddies. NCPD might want to take note.

Hey, there's our buddy Geez Sinclair warning Derrick to stop talking so much. Geez is learning.

According to Derrick, Devonte tried to set him up, which resulted in his alleged arrest we mentioned earlier. Looks like the fellas might be going for their guns shortly.

Update: Here's one we missed:

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