Monday, April 2, 2012

Coner Boy Thugga & Tino Heyward

"Coner Boy Thugga" likes to show off his extra long blunts, flash his cash and wish people dead.

We captured this conversation at about 7:00 p.m. The news was reporting a person was shot by a Charleston County deputy about four hours earlier. We are guessing Coner Boy Thugga knows the recipient of that lead transfusion.

Nice. Now our LE friends know where to find him.

We think the guy on the left is Tino Heyward. Tino is a gang member in the Folk Nation. LE can find him in the vicinity of this corner:

Remembering the fallen homie:

Tino doesn't feel safe and secure when Charleston's Finest are in the vicinity.

Welcome to Charleston Thug Life fellas!


  1. Tino is Valentino M. Hayward...Hayward, Valentino M 1514 Evergreen Street Charleston SC 294070000 Black M 04/07/1990..currently on bond for a 12/2010 arrest for Dist. cocaine base (surprise!)

  2. Turner, Shon Torre 1332 Vine St Charleston SC 29407-6454 Black M 05/05/1988

    This is "Shon See Turner". He had an eviction notice filed on 4/20/2011..the same date of his arrest for drug charges that were eventually dismissed (of course). Can you say "RAAAIIIID"!! probable cause. He had a private attorney, NOT a p.d.

  3. Ooh!! Look at Devona Riddick's comment....Capers! And then, he responded to her, he's a Capers, and I'd wager that he's of the 1 E Wantoot Capers Crime Syndicate.

  4. The DEAD Homie was Ashton Coggins, a Charleston drug dealer and son of a Sgt. for Charleston County. He was the aggressor and no charges were filed. Gravesite with elegant faux florals: