Monday, April 30, 2012

Thug? You Decide.

An unidentified member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club was standing in line in a convenience store in Columbia when a white thug pulled a knife and tried to rob the clerk. The MC member whipped out his collapsible baton, commonly known as an ASP, and chased the robber outside. The story claims the biker tried to detain the thug until police arrived, but was unsuccessful. That sounds a little fishy to us. Members of 1% motorcycle clubs aren't generally known to give up on a fight. Did the local P.D. check the hospitals for a bruised and bloody thug?

Channel 5 uses the headline "Biker chase robber...", but their link address says "Hells Angel chases robber...". The Red Devils are affiliated with the Hells Angels.

We will leave it to your decide what label you put on this one. For right now, we are just calling it 'news'.

Geno Curtis White, Jr.

It has been a few days since we featured a Charleston area thug. We apologize, but we felt we had to run with the Georgia inmates once we found a couple of them while researching our Sanford, Florida post.  We felt the need to run with those feature posts because of the risks that contraband presents to corrections officers, witnesses and the public in general.

Now that we are back in Charleston we decided to feature "Geno BlackAmigo Dolla", whose real name is Geno Curtis White, Jr. Our young Geno lives in Goose Creek. There is a Geno Curtis White in the court databases with a date of birth in 1969. He has previous addresses in Dorchester Terrace in North Charleston. We believe that particular drug dealer might by our Geno Curtis White's father. Our Geno was born in 1991, but he's headed down the same road. Too bad the solicitor keeps dropping his charges. Hopefully that will change now that we have decided to help Geno out with our free drug dealing thug advertising program.

Nice profile pic, Geno.

Before we get to the pictures, let's examine Geno's arrest history in Charleston and Berkeley counties.Those two counties are the domain of the 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.

In 2009 Geno was charged with Lynching 2nd Degree in Berkeley County. Lynching is basically an assault by a mob. In other words, Geno didn't have the balls to handle his own business and had to bring some friends. The solicitor chose to drop the charges.

In November of 2010 Geno was charged with Trafficking Cocaine Base (Crack) and 2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana. The solicitor decided not to prosecute him just five months later. Hmmm.....did Geno turn rat? Or was the solicitor just lazy?

In December of 2010, one month after being arrested for distribution of crack, Geno was charged in Berkeley County with Possession of Marijuana for Distribution. Any logical person would have thought this arrest would have had a bearing in whether or not to drop charges in the previous arrest. But hey, we leave it to our solicitors to do the thinking for us, right? He pled guilty in December of 2011 and was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended on one year of probation.

In May of 2011 Geno was charged again with Distribution of Crack. The solicitor decided this past December not to prosecute Geno. The curious note - 'no prosecution, indicted' has us wondering what the hell is going in the Berkeley County office. There was obviously probable cause and enough evidence for an officer to arrest Geno, there was enough evidence for the Grand Jury to indict Geno, but the solicitor still decided not to prosecute Geno.

Geno loves flashing extremely thick stacks of cash. We sure hope no other thugs are reading Charleston Thug Life and decide to pay him a visit. We feel we should let our fellow citizens know that our research has shown the bulk of home invasions in the Lowcountry are perpetrated by thugs, upon thugs, in order to steal the victim thug's ill-gotten gains or drugs. Hey, that rhymes!! Maybe we'll become rappers!!

Geno explains the weighing of money and the Glock .40 that is waiting for any 'niggas' that want to follow him home.

Shard Lee, who we profiled here, mentions his Mac-11 which we helped him advertise.

Geno even pointed us to two more inmates with cell phones at Lee Correctional Institution. One phone taking the picture, the other is being used by the inmate on the left. Thanks Geno!

We have a question. Is 226 Horseshoe Drive subsidized by Section 8? If so, someone out there might want to re-think that.

This image is so ridiculous we are going to take the suggestion of one of our readers and start a 'LoLz' contest. For those are not familiar with the concept, we will explain. All you have to do is come up with your own hilarious caption for the photos. Post them in the comments section. For those really creative souls - you can save the image to your desktop and use a program like Microsoft Picture Editor or Photoshop to add your caption and any enhancements you think are funny. Once you are done, email the image to ''. We will feature them in a separate post once we have enough.

An interesting enlargement from the right side of that goofy green sweatsuit and gun image. Two boxes of plastic baggies on the table and a digital scale on the bench. We are curious about the contents of the bag and shoe boxes.


Sorry, we couldn't resist that headline. Hard to believe the media didn't run with it, huh? :)

Three fellows the media would call 'youths' were arrested for at least ten residential burglaries on North Road and Columbia Road. The three felons in question are Ashton Robinson, Bryan Ryant and Jamie Douglas. An alert citizen researcher forwarded us some links while we were tending to our real jobs today. It looks like Ryant couldn't stop running his mouth long enough to get a picture taken, doesn't it?

Ashton Robinson
Bryan Ryant
Jamie Douglas

Let's start with "Ashton Toothpick Robinson".

Not a lot on his profile other than postings which indicate Ashton has quite a way to go to in the maturity department. If we ran across his profile during one of our thug searches we wouldn't have given it a second look.

Same thing with Bryan Ryant.

And - same thing with Jamie Douglas.

While these profiles aren't indicative of thug behavior, our travels around Facebook have shown us that young people tend to have a profile for their family to see and another profile only for their friends. These three profiles were extremely easy to find and that makes us a bit suspicious. That suspicion may be unfounded. We could not find any adult criminal history on these three guys. We hope this arrest has taught them a lesson.

Brandon Michael Chavis - Rogers State Prison

You might remember the fellow with the distinctive photo of the marijuana leaf in the Benjamin Revills entry below. He goes by the name of "Parkway Red" on Facebook, but his real name is Brandon Michael Chavis. He is doing time at Rogers State Prison on convictions for criminal damage, burglary and possession of a weapon. He updates his Facebook page via cell phone on a regular basis, most recently about thirteen hours ago (7:50 p.m.).

Benjamin Josh Revills - Rogers State Prison

Happy Monday to "Lilben Revills", real name Benjamin Josh Revills. Ben and his cell phone are guests of the Georgia taxpayer at Rogers State Prison. He is serving time on eight burglary convictions. We find it interesting that Revills was given a total of 125 years, but because he is serving his sentences concurrently he will be released in December of 2015. Great deal, huh?